Most anticipated releases of 2012 – Blackops2 


Games are loved by all ages, be it an outdoor game like football, tennis, golf or indoors like bowling, chess or cards; but for this generation it’s only ps, xbox360 or PC; an addiction or maybe just a pastime. Developers promised this will also be a great year for gamers; a lot of exciting games are waiting to be released. Most of them are either sequels or prequels, like Mass Effect 3, Halo 4, GTA V, Diablo 3, a few will take a differently new road to present an existing game in a new format with improved halo4.



Halo along with Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider is set to be released in fall 2012, but it is feared that the release of GTA 5 could be dragged in 2013. Rock star’s Dan Houser opined recently and claimed that Grand Theft Auto V is likely to have the biggest map of any game in the series.


It’s also expected to be 2012's biggest release, coming out ahead of other big releases such as the next Call of Duty installation, Black Ops 2. While Black Ops is rumored to once again have included a zombie mode, Halo continues the storyline after the end of halo 3 with the return of Master Chief. It is intended to be the first title of a new trilogy of the series, ‘Reclaimed trilogy’.


Contradictory to the most popular rumor, Halo 4 beta still hasn’t been released, though it is likely to release within a month. Altogether with the release of resident evil 6, far cry 3, metal gear solid: rising and prototype 2, everyone is looking forward to a lot of bloodthirsty actions.


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